Barei -small-

Barei is a Horse bell.

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Diameter : 32mm
Height : 15mm
With leather strap
Length with leather strap : 84mm

Material : Sahari

-Barei (Horse bell)-
Since ancient times, bells that are attached to horses in Japan are called horse bells. With the passage of time, people's means have changed from horses to cars, and the demand for horse bells has decreased, and now there are almost no creators. There were various shapes of horse bells, but among them, the donut shape gives "a unique ringing sound" that "the sound is hard to disappear even if the clothes touch the bell body" due to its characteristic shape.

-About Sahari-
Sahari is a metal alloy of copper and tin. In Japan, it is used for temple bells, etc. as a metal that resonates well and is ideal for noise. Previously, a watchmaker asked me to make a Japanese clock (also known as a pillow clock or a daimyo clock, a clock from the Edo period to the early Meiji era) because the "bell" that rings the time signal was broken. It was. This bell is made by casting using a sahari, and unlike modern sahari, it has a whitish color and a high-pitched tone, so the work started from determining the alloy composition. As a result, we succeeded in finding an alloy formulation that realizes a high frequency range with a white color similar to that at that time.

-About the production horse bell-
Producing the prototype while setting the shape, size, and wall thickness of the horse bell body in consideration of the loudness and sound of the sound. In consideration of the sound, "balls" are prepared in the wax prototype state, and all are integrally cast to achieve a good sound because there are no joints. Since all the textures applied to the surface of the horse bell are done by hand, each has a different facial expression, and no two are the same. Of course, the metal "Sahari" used for casting is made by alloying copper and tin (making metal) with the same alloy composition as used for Japanese clocks. We would be honored if you could enjoy the ancient Japanese horse bells and Sahari.