Kyohei Ishiyama

Kyohei Ishiyama

Kyohei Ishiyama is mainly active in jewelry production.

He is studying works that incorporate curves, taking advantage of the texture of metal.

Recently, he has been producing works that are conscious of depth with multiple parts composition with motifs such as arabesque design.



2016  Graduated from Nagaoka Institute of Design, Department of Arts and Crafts (Metal carving)

2021  Nagaoka Institute of Design staff



2015  Wiinning in 44th Japanese Traditional Art Crafts exhibition 21+ Category

2016  Exhibited at AC,GALLERY SELECT16

2016  Wiinning in 56th Japan Crafts Exhiibition


Mr. Kyohei Ishiyama's modeling base has a traditional Japanese technique called "metal carving".

Therefore, he expresses his unique view of the world by making full use of very delicate techniques.

The arabesque design is often found in his sculptures and carvings, but it is understandable that he finds a new sense of design in its classical atmosphere.

He is a young artist recommended by this site.

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